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City of Rab

Out family bed&breakfast is located on the island of Rab in Lopar. Our little hotel is the ideal place for your vacation and enjoyment in Lopar beaches and sights of the city Rab.

City of Rab boasts the culture and history that dates back to pre-Roman times. The first written information about the island of Rab is in the tales of ancient writers. In those writings Rab was named Arba, Arva, Arbia, Arbitana. An evidence for how much the city was developed are its urban characteristics of a modern city: water, baths, temples, theaters, street network. It acquired a status of village yet in 10.b.C. when it was mentioned in the document of an Roman emperor Octavian Augustus, which declared it municipium- indepentent city.

Although the foundation of the city is based on the Roman city, today’s appereance we have the romanesque to thank so that the Rab with its churches, towers and palaces a true renaissance-romanesque pearl is and a concentration of 3 out of 4 romanesque bells on such small area is unique in Croatia. The oldest one is St. Antons of 1181, 10 religious objects indicate that Rab was a true spiritual and intelectual center of which cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary stands out. The former cathedral was consecrated by Pope Alexander III on his return to Zadar 1177. Rab is marked by the contours of the four bell towers, lond and pleasant walking trails, romantic streets and 120 years old tradition in tourism. It is this economic branch that made the old town liveliest and most visited place of all, concentrate of various topics and moods, bee-hive of meetings and events where all the visitors of the island come.

From St.Kristofor Square to the Lodge extends the Central Street, the lifeblood of the city, which in season turns into a gallery exhibition and sale of everything, from street jewelry to many small boutiques, jewelry store, pastry shops.. Island of Rab has few major events- Ran art events, Musical evenings and from 2002 Medievel Summer Fair „Rapska fjera“ which is based on historical heritage. Municipal holidays „Rapska fjera“ declared the Grand Council of the town Rab 21 July 1364 in honor of King Louis the Great who freed Rab from the Venetians and in honor of St. Christopher, patron saint of Rab and were held to worship the saints relics which, according to the legend, saved Rab. Participants of „Rapska fjera“ are tradesmen, artisans, cultural associations and clubs which are volintarily engaged in traditional crafts and developing local products. Reclaimed ceremony „Rapska fjera“ is held in a shortened term of three days: 25 July holiday of St. Jakov, 26 July holiday of St. Ana i 27 July and holiday of St. Kristofor.

The city is a place where people come to enjoy the crowds and having fun. However, if you want to escape from all the artists, musicians, singers and passers by, go down to the upper street, in the park, among the ruins of St.John, or take a walk to St.Mary’s church where you can enjoy the view of the blue. One evening in the old city will inspire romance and phantasy of the long lost time in you.