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Lopar municipality is located in the north of the island of Rab in a very favorable geographical position of tourism in relation to european and domestic tourist market.

In Lopar can be reached by ferry Jablanac-Mišnjak and Valbiska-Lopar. Local residents are mainly engaged in tourism, fishing, agriculture and cattle breeding. Our family bed&breakfast Bellevue Lopar is located in the part of Lopar called San Marino. Favorable microclimate is characterised by mean annual temperature of 14,9°C and annual rainfall of 1108,8 mm which is characteristic of a transitional climate between maritime and continental. Natural beauty, cultural and historic heritage and rich history are basis of tourist activity which is a main industry with centuries of tradition.

Lopar is known for its famous bays and famous sandy beaches which provide the perfect vacation to each family. The most famous sandy beach „Paradise beach“ 1.5 km long received in 2003 award called the „Blue flag“ which is proof of its excellence. In addition to „Paradise beach“ , Lopar has 22 sandy beaches more of which 3 nudist are (Sahara, Stolac and Ciganka).

The merit of the place are numerous restaurants which offer excellent cousine, many facilities for children an various sports on land and at sea. Near Lopar is the island Goli which was a long time political prison and is visited every year by more and more tourists to know its history.

From the historical person is certainly the most important St. Marin who live din the 3rd and 4th century and was a stonemason. During the Roman emperor Diocletian Marin fled with a friend in Rimini where they took refuge in the caves above the port. St. Gaudencije, bishop of Rimini, baptised them, ordained a deacon and gave them names of Marin and Lion by the two martyrs(ital. Marino and Leo). St. Marin is the patron of the Republic of San Marino, deacons, stonemasons and falsely accused people. Memory of him is on 3 September when it is a holiday in the Republic of San Marino.

Lopar was in the 2003 awarded by the „Blue sail“ for best small town in the Kvarner region which is also an indicator of quality tourism.